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There are a number of different reasons why people file bankruptcy, but for every client we meet we offer the same advice: if you can solve your debt problems without bankruptcy, you should. Bankruptcy should be a last resort.

The problem in many cases is that there is no other alternative. Layoffs, illness, marital problems, or tax problems can leave people with insurmountable debts. If the alternative to bankruptcy is spending the next 10 or 20 years of your life paying off bills, you need to consider your bankruptcy options. We at the Lauderdale Law Offices also believe that ending debt is just the first step in the goal of financial well being. We believe that a savings and investment plan is essential for future economic security and the thoughtful elimination of debt is the first step down that road.

In our offices in Monterey, Watsonville and Salinas, we provide counseling to individuals, families and small businesses in financial difficulties. We have seen hundreds of our clients turn their financial affairs around in the matter of a few years by careful and thoughtful use of the bankruptcy laws. If you think we can assist you or your family, please call our office. There is no charge for an initial phone or office consultation.

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